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Planting works:

• Designing the environment of housing, public buildings and companies
• Setting of lawns, natural and blooming meadows
• Planting of flowers, bushes, and trees (green hedges) 
• Setting of rock-gardens, parterres, gardens and decorative garden-beds
• Planting of berry shrubs and fruit-trees
• Reinforcement and planting of slopes
• Advice on planting and plant supervision issues
• Setting and supervision of decorative ponds, waterfalls, fountains, etc.
• Digging of natural ponds and reservoirs
• Cleaning of lake- and river-sides

Works of supervision of green plantations:

• Lawn and meadow mowing, fertilization; elimination of weeks and moss
• Replanting, fertilization, weeding of plants, protection against diseases and pests
• Fruit-tree trimming, formation and cutting, shaping of green hedges
• Preparation of plants for the winter (mulching, covering with fir branches or agro-film)

Other works:

• Stimulating, sanitary and special tree felling, supervision of parks
• Trade in decorative and water plants
• Cleaning and supervision of housing territories
• Setting of drainage systems